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Powerful Features

Here are some of the most advance features of our Queue Management System

iOS & Android Application

The main Consumer App is designed for both Android and iOS Platforms. Application will guide user to search for the nearby branch location, the consumer can see the real time updates of the queuing status and estimated time. They can book appointments and can predefine their problems. User can show their token through app after reaching branch and they can make a print of token through Wi-Fi printer.

IOT Device

This device will used to display the current token numbers on CSO counters. Counter display device will be synched through the cloud and show the real time token numbers that would be served to manage the queue. Counter display will be bind through the other applications to get the current token numbers and will show on the smart TV that will be for other purposes as well, moreover for the sake of digital and analogue display.

Smart TV Application

Customers that would be served on CSO counters show up on the smart TV as well. TV Screen, top left and bottom that will of “L” shape will be reserved for the real time virtual queuing as well as current token numbers and customers with the counter number will be displayed definitely; rest of the screen will be used to display the videos and pictures or presentations for the organizations marketing or any other information purpose.

Smart Watch Application

Smart watch application is also for the CSO to be notify them when they are not present on counter. There will be an option to use this application through smart watch or mobile application or both. This will behave exactly like the same as CSO application.

Customer Feedback App

This app would be an embedded feature of the Consumer App which will give the customer a chance to evaluate the performance of the CSO. Customers can easily submit their reviews and share their grievances.

Dispatcher Application

This is to help customers generate a token number; this will be directly linked with the admin panel for smooth process flow and help in better operating the Customer Service Center

Admin Panel

Admin will be controlled each and every action of the whole process of QMS. All real-time branch wise statistics will be shown to admin. Upload videos, pictures through drive or links. Queue management as well as controlling of virtual queue will be possible for admin.

CSO Application

CSO application will be developed to serve the next customer in a virtual queue; moreover application will have options that can be selected by the CSO when he is performing his duty.

Interactive Display

Quemit offers an interactive display for users to mix and match color themes and settings according to their needs. A wide variety of charts and graphs are available for seeing the daily, weekly and monthly performance. Reports can be customized according to the users requirements making Quemit one of the most flexible Queue Management Systems availbale in the market.

Quemit Web App

Quemit is a cloud-based solution, so all calculations, statistics, and monitoring is performed in real time.
The system has a wide array of integration capabilities to allow connecting to corporate networks, synchronizing with databases,
full integration with CRM systems, websites and other specialized software which an organization might have.

Multi Branch View

Provides the Admin with the option to see all the branches at a single view. The Admin can manage branches here and allow rights to the branch managers. He can also view the performance of each branch and the organization as a whole.

Graphical/Pictorial View

Quemit provides extensive graphs and charts to bring ease to the final user. The user can easily see statistics displayed at the tip of his fingers giving him a holistic view of the customer care performance.


Quemit generates real time statistics and displays reports which allow admin to quickly increase the performance and quality of customer service. Various CRM system integration is possible with Quemit.

Quemit Mobile App

Mobile application functionality allows to see current queue status as well as take a number remotely or
book a time in advanced and come in exactly at the right time to be served.

Real time updates

Customers would get live updates of the queuing status and estimated time will be available to the customer.

Assigning tokens

Customers would be assigned token from their own apps, along with that sending alerts and booking appointments would be done on the app


The system controls time and in case of cancelation or rescheduling makes necessary corrections of the schedule and notifies other customers of the changes using push, SMS or email notifications. This minimizes waiting time both when using remote queue as well as live queues in branches.

Quemit Dispatcher App

Dispatcher application will be installed in branches as well as the Head office.
Dispatcher will allow walk-in customers to generate tokens.

Generate New Token

All walk-in customers can easily get their token by clicking on “generate new token “, after clicking on this, other sub options will be enable for the customers for which service they want a token to be issued on.

Generate Existing Token

All mobile application users can easily print their tokens if required, otherwise application will show token receipt and it can be easily printed through the Wi-Fi network.

Admin Panel

All options that will be enabled for customers on dispatcher application will be selected and shown by admin panel and that can be changed, added or removed easily from the admin’s panel.

Digital Counters

As the counters keep rolling so does your customer satisfaction

Why Choose Quemit

We Love to Help Your Perfect Queue Business For The Life Time

The QueMit by SilverSolve is the solution for all your Customer Service Center needs. Do you know on average we waste 37 billion hours a year in lines? Not anymore, as companies get smarter and look for innovative solutions to increase customer satisfaction and retention QueMit plays an important role.

The Benefits of QueMit for Company

  • No hassles of lines
  • Better management of CSC
  • Consumer Satisfaction feedback
  • Optimal utilization of resources
  • CSO performance monitoring
  • Reports and Analysis

The Benefits of QueMit for Consumers

  • Pre registration of problem to meet the right agent/branch
  • Time saving
  • Feedback of status of problem
  • Real time monitoring

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We Love to Help Your Perfect Queue Business For The Life Time

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